"Hey Giacomo! have you ever heard of Mongol Rally?"
"No, why?"
"I'll tell you now..."

Who would have thought that a friendly little chat would have become a team ready to race from western Europe to the far east Siberia?
Now here we are...

Luca, 30 yo, in life has always had his finger in many pies and who spends his days among two jobs, musical concerts and saxophone, water polo and his amazingly beautyful girlfriend, whom he will miss a lot (;D).
Everybody thinks he should cut a little time to relax, that's why he decided to meet the needs and join the mongol rally 2020!

Giacomo, on the other hand, attends the fourth year of mechanical engineering, and was pretty startled when Luca asked him to join the team; how often does it happen that someone offers you such an unusual experience? Even though the first rule for an engineer is to think many times before making a decision, after merely 24 hours he had already prepared the classic spreadsheet with the whole mileage count from Treviso to Ulan Ude.
"I would have never forgive my self if refused, sometimes is fine to go with your guts, right?"

Every single time we talk about our project everyone's answer is always "Seo fora de testa?!?" Meaning “are you out of your mind?” in our local speaking, that's why we thought we were a perfect fit for "Outside mind"!

famous quotes:

Luca: Maybe I should tell my boss ...

Jack: s##t! Next year I graduate, I won't have any other opportunities!