Per Mio Figlio Onlus - Helping our city's Hospitals

What can we say about Per mio figlio Onlus?
This non-profit organisation, to whom we decided to donate a share of our collected funds, has been founded in 1997 by a little group of businessmen from Treviso which cared about the hospitalized children's needs and were aiming to improve the children's quality life being stadily present in the Teviso hospital's pediatric units .

Why did we choose them?

Per Mio Figlio Onlus decided to start a funding to support the fight against Covid-19, they managed to collect about 1 million 650 thousand euros thanks to 836 donations, these helped the hospitals to afford the protective equipment for the health care workers and patients (masksFPP2, overalls, glasses).

If you understand italian you can know more about it at this following link, otherwise you can contact us and we will answer all of your questions about them :)

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