What car would it be if our touch wasn't there?

We see wacky modifications to the panda every day, of all sauces and colors but, at the moment, we limit ourselves to the little things, while we torture our mechanic MEC for the bigger ones, of course.
So here is a small list of all the changes we are making to our vehicle that each of us is carrying out to make Pandemia our even more.
Luca has done a 3d scan of the dashboard of the panda, as he decided to make a magnetic phone holder to have calls and messages immediately at hand, he also thought about adding a side drawer cover to prevent water from entering the glove compartment and to finish it is working on a support for car radios and speakers in 3D printing.
Giacomo, on the other hand, could not fail to have at least one Arduino to take with him to Mongolia, to remind him home. He therefore thought of equipping the car with a mini on-board computer, to replace the standard analog clock. Device that adds to our digital equipment a compass (essential I would say!), An inclinometer (why not do it in the "artificial horizon" style of aircraft?) And a whole set of sensors: temperature, humidity and altitude ... quite nerdy ** you get it.